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CIMA CIMA Operational P1 New Questions

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Question 28

The cost card for one unit of Product G is as follows:

The opening and closing inventories of Product G for month 5 are budgeted to be 10 units and 60 units respectively.

Profit for month 5 using absorption costing is budgeted to be $15,000.

What is the budgeted profit for month 5 using throughput costing?










Question 29

A company manufactures a machine. The machine is made from two types of raw material and is assembled in a factory using skilled labour. The engine for the machine is purchased from an outside supplier.

The following costs relate to the manufacture of one machine:

What is the finished goods inventory valuation for one machine using throughput costing?










Question 30

A medium-sized manufacturing company, which operates in the electronics industry, has employed a firm of consultants to carry out a review of the company’s planning and control systems. The company presently uses a traditional incremental budgeting system and the inventory management system is based on economic order quantities (EOQ) and reorder levels. The company’s normal production patterns have changed significantly over the previous few years as a result of increasing demand for customized products. This has resulted in shorter production runs and difficulties with production and resource planning. The consultants have recommended the implementation of activity based budgeting and a manufacturing resource planning system to improve planning and resource management.

What are the benefits for the company that could occur following the introduction of an activity based budgeting system?

Select ALL the correct answers.



Under an activity based budgeting system, resource allocation is linked to the strategic plan and is prepared after considering alternative strategies. This approach ensures that new activities that are required to meet the company’s strategic objectives are included in the budget.


Under a traditional incremental budgeting system the focus is on existing resources and operations. Adjustments are then made for changes in activity and price which results in past inefficiencies being perpetuated. Under an activity based budgeting system, only resources that are needed to perform activities required to meet the budgeted production and sales volumes are included.


Activity based techniques including activity based budgeting focus on the outputs of a process rather than the input to the process. This approach provides a clear framework for understanding the link between costs and the level of activity. It allows the ranking of activities and the determination of how limited resources should be allocated across competing activities.


Activity Based Budgeting Systems present costs under functional headings i.e. the emphasis is on the nature of the cost. The weakness if this approach is that it gives little indication of the link between the level of activity and the cost incurred.


The approach under an Activity based Budgeting System is to make arbitrary cuts in order to meet overall financial targets.

Question 31

A major company sells a range of electrical, clothing and homeware products through a chain of department stores. The main administration functions are provided from the company’s head office.  Each department store has its own warehouse which receives goods that are delivered from a central distribution center.

The company currently measures profitability by product group for each store using an absorption costing system. All overhead costs are charged to product groups based on sales revenue. Overhead costs account for approximately one-third of total costs and the directors are concerned about the arbitrary nature of the current method used to charge these costs to product groups.

A consultant has been appointed to analyses the activities that are undertaken in the department stores and to establish an activity based costing system.

The consultant has identified the following data for the latest period for each of the product groups for the X Town store:

Calculate the total profit for each of the product groups:

…. using the current absorption costing system;



The profit or loss in $ was…. Clothing 122; Electrical 56; Homeware (178)


The profit or loss in $ was…. Clothing (175); Electrical 86; Homeware 22


The profit or loss in $ was…. Clothing 85; Electrical 36; Homeware (28)


The profit or loss in $ was…. Clothing 192; Electrical (56); Homeware 148

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